Friday, August 6, 2010

Food Poison on Thursday

Ug, really rotten day yesterday, Thursday. Food poison from breakfast. I was cutting up tomatos and some of them were kind of black inside and I threw them out, but one only had a little black stuff, so I trimmed around it. Big mistake...

After getting to work I had a headache, by late morning I was shivering and sweating, the headache got worse and a bit of nausea... My computer mouse was disgusting to touch, slimy from my sweating hands...

I called Leena to pick me up and take me home shortly after noon, then sat out in the sunshine near the entrance to the office building. She picked me up a few minutes later, dropped me at home and went out to run errands (she offered to stay home, but I said I was just going to sleep, so there was no need).

Once in bed I couldn't sleep, just tossed and turned, feeling absolutely rotten and uncomfortable. I was freezing cold, shivering violently at times, while sweat was running off my body in rivers, soaking the sheet and the blanket on top of me.

What I really wanted was a nice, hot shower, just sit under the hot water. When I don't feel well, that almost always helps, the water beating on my aching head helps relieve it, when my stomach's upset, the hot shower eases that off. I guess it just relaxes me. Unfortunately, it was Thursday, which is Pune's day for long power outages, so there was no hot water all day.

Eventually my burps had the flavor of the cantaloupe I ate before work, but as though it was rotten, a sure sign my digestive system wasn't working right. And a bit after that the vomiting started... Each time I vomited I felt a little bit better afterwards.

After the third time, around 4:30pm, the worst seemed to ease off and I felt more calm, and less cold, less sweat. Leena came home shortly after that from running errands.

I got up from bed around 6pm when the power came back on (it'd been off since around 8am), hallucinating a bunch of glass hummingbirds floating around the room. I got a nice, hot shower for a while, and that lasted till the power went out again and I used up all the hot water in that bathroom...

Then a cold coconut cut open to drink the water inside, followed by a three hour or so nap. By 10:30pm I was able to eat a little bit, nothing with powerful flavor, of course. And I drank a big glass of water and Electrol to replenish the salt and sugar I lost from throwing up. I stayed up reading a while till I thought I could go to bed without getting up to use the bathroom a number of times after the drink.

Now it's Friday and I feel a lot better. Not altogether well. Still a bit of a headache, and Leena said I'm warmer than usual, so the fever's not completely gone. She called the doctor who recommended I take paracetamol twice a day to bring the fever down, but wants to stay away from strong medicines if I can shake it off more naturally.

However, she didn't ask him my burning question... What about single malt Scotch whisky?

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