Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Universe is Listening

I just had a weird coincidence yesterday...  But not the first of its kind...

On New Year's Eve I walked most of the way home from Times Square to Sunset Park after midnight.  Partway through Brooklyn I passed a big sign advertising BAM and listing what appeared to me to be names of performances.  The name, BAM, intrigued me, of course.

Then that following Monday I got a pamphlet in the mail with a calendar of performances at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  BAM.  There it was.  Same logo...  BAM!

Is that weird or what?

Then this past Saturday on my wanderings about Manhattan (I'm still editing the travelogue, not posted yet...) I was near Columbus Circle and happened to see some interesting stuff at the entrance to the Museum of Arts & Design.  While not in the mood for being inside at the time, I made a mental note to check out that museum as it looked like the sort of place I'd enjoy.

Yesterday I got home from work and in the mailbox was an invitation to an open house at the Museum of Arts & Design.  A weird coincidence for sure!

I suppose both of them got my name and address from the mailing list at the Museum of Modern Art, which I joined last year.  Still, the first mail from each came on the first working day after I saw them...

As one of my friends commented about this, "the universe is listening."

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