Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kevin .... Kline?

At the office the postman came in with a package, asking "is there a Kevin here?  I have a package for Kevin," was directed to my desk where he handed it to me and left.

I wasn't expecting anything and a quick examination of the box showed it didn't have the name "Kevin" anywhere on it.  It was addressed to somebody with the last name Kline, a tenant in one of the residential apartments above the office.

What's funny is for a few years I used to work with a guy named Kurt Kline, back at First Insight, who started off in technical support and moved to sales and marketing.

Repeatedly in the office people would mistake us for each other.  They'd address me as Kurt and him as Kevin, even going into conversations that were relevant to the other one of us.  And not just once or twice, but frequently, with people who worked closely with both of us on a daily basis and knew who we both were.

Kurt and I didn't even look vaguely alike.  I'm short, chubby, and back then I had long, messy, dark hair while I shaved less than once a week, the epitome of a slovenly computer geek.  Kurt was tall, lean, very clean-cut, well dressed with short, blonde hair, and all the confident bearing of the ex-Army paratrooper he was.  

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