Saturday, January 26, 2013

Freezing Saturday with Mike in Manhattan and Brooklyn

For a cold Saturday I didn't want to spend all day inside, so I packed my camera and bundled up and went out…

I had an itch to go to Lower Manhattan, around the Financial District, where I haven't been for ages.  Since the sun was shining painfully bright, I took the subway south rather than walk into it.

While walking the promenade down there I saw a photo Mike Cohen posted and SMS'ed him to see where he was.  We then planned to meet at the bottom end of the 6 line, City Hall.

We spent a little bit in Manhattan near there, but not much was happening, then walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and spent a while in DUMBO, doing some night photography before calling it a night.

We had perfect timing, being in the center of the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun was setting directly behind the Statue of Liberty, while the moon was simultaneously rising over the Manhattan Bridge on the other side...

As usual, no captions came through in the import so you have to go to the Picasa album for that...

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  1. I miss the Trade Center. The last time I was in NYC was in October 2001 when I cleared out an apartment I had been renting and been away from for two months. Everyone was still heartbroken at that time.