Sunday, August 19, 2012

India Day Parade 2012 with Leena

Leena and I went to the Indian Independence Day parade on Madison Avenue today.  Overall it was fun, though the music from some of the floats was a little loud for my sensitive ears.

The full album, with captions and what-not is available on my Google albums (I don't know why these aren't better integrated...)

We took the subway down from 49th Street, where we live, to 23rd Street near the Flatiron Plaza and walked through Madison Square Park to Madison Avenue.

One thing we did wrong was stop at 28th Street instead of going further up Madison Avenue.  The parade reviewing stand was just one block up from us, and some of the parade floats emptied out there, including the one with the grand marshall, Bollywood star, Saif Ali Khan, so we didn't get to see him (Leena said "no big deal" because he used to be a jerk when they were kids and he went to play with the kids in her apartment building).

Here's probably some of the first photos I've posted here with Leena...

I used my SLR with my Canon 35mm f/1.4 L series lens and a lot of the shots came out pretty well.  I used the camera in automatic, no-flash mode mostly.

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