Monday, October 8, 2012

David Blaine's "Electrified"

Saturday evening my cousin, Mike, came over and then the three of us, me, Leena and Mike, walked from our Hell's Kitchen apartment down along the Hudson River to see David Blaine's Electrified show at Pier 54.

We had a lot of fun just walking along the Hudson and taking photos.

I carried my SLR with my fancy 35mm f/1.4 prime lens, Mike first used a used film Pentax camera with a 55mm f/1.2 lens, then when the roll was done got out his Nikon digital SLR, while Leena used her Canon point & shoot.

Leena let other people use her camera to take photos of us... But my photo albums won't have any of the two of us as these are from my camera.

The David Blaine show was kind of fun.  Most of his stunts sound rather dull, actually, feats of endurance that might be quite some feat, but not particularly interesting to actually watch.  But this one had entertaining visuals, lots of electricity from Tesla coils, to actually watch.  There were lots of black lights and blue lights all around and a cool, futuristic looking stage...

Along the way we saw a helicopter land at the 30th Street V.I.P. Heliport.  Leena was thrilled, she'd only ever seen helicopters land and important people get out in the movies, but this time we just happened to randomly walk by when the same thing happened...  Very cool...

Doing handheld at night, quite a few of my photos came out very blurry from shaking, but I got some decent ones.

A bride & groom doing wedding photography behind Leena and Mike...

Night shot of Jersey City across the Hudson from the Hudson River Park.
Hand held, 1/2 second shutter, f/1.4

42nd Street, looking east from Pier 83.

Leena and Mike on the steps by the Intrepid.

VIPs getting out of a helicopter as it landed at 30th Street.

Moored sailboats.

Mike tripping on the "trip hazard" as mentioned in the sign.

Leena's Fit Flop sandals glittering at David Blaine's show.

Mike wearing my spare sweatshirt.  He doesn't usually dress so fashionably, I suppose.
I was disconcerted, I usually only see this distinct sweatshirt in mirrors or photos.

Leena in Hudson River Park.  Shakey, handheld slow shutter night shot...

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