Saturday, October 17, 2009

Filthy Yard Across the Street

Ok, so after ranting and raving about the disgusting, filthy yard across the street that's used as a garbage dump and toilet, it's changing.

I noticed the watchmen hanging out there every morning all week and just assumed they were, well, hanging out there. But yesterday when I walked past I realized they're actually there guarding the place, and it's changed a bit.

They've gotten rid of most of the rubble and cut down all the shrubs growing like weeds. Which looks like an improvement, until I saw the sign for some local construction company, barely visible by the side of the entrance, behind the wall.

Now that's bad news!

What that means is they're going to build something there. That means there's going to be three to nine months of jackhammers, right there across the street, while they dig the foundation. Then months and months, maybe years of construction work, with workers yelling, hollering and staring into our apartment as they walk up and down. Trucks delivering at all hours, with workers yelling and hollering and clouds of diesel exhaust blowing into our windows. All of them probably throwing more garbage on the street right in front of our apartment, too...

And the end result will be a taller building across the street from us, blocking our direct east view. That means no more morning sun, no more rising moon, just another ugly building right in our face.

Kalyani Nagar sucks!

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