Monday, October 12, 2009

Kalyani Nagar Sucks

I've come to the conclusion that the neighborhood where I live, Kalyani Nagar, is the worst place, the noisiest, the dirtiest and the place where the neighbors have the utter most disregard for each other than any other place I'e ever lived.

The noise is virtually nonstop... Ever since we moved here, into our own flat, in 2004, there's been virtually nonstop construction of nearby buildings, and nonstop renovation of flats near ours. There's been a few days, very few, when there isn't the sound of jackhammers, diggers, grinders, saws, drills, hammers and workers yelling.

And vehicles, vehicles, vehicles... So much noise, all the time, any time, day and night... Almost every individual vehicle here makes more noise than a freeway full of them in the U.S. and on our narrow, little street they just go up and down. Just describing the vehicular noise is plenty for another post...

And workers yelling up and down the street to each other, the watchmen yelling across the street to each other instead of just meeting up somewhere and having a normal conversation. The loudest of the door-to-door vendors are the broom salesman and the knife sharpener, just yelling, yelling, yelling as they go up and down.

This street is filthy... Litter everywhere. The worst is probably the yard with the swimming pool, directly across the street from us. It's a small pool and pool house, using less than half the yard. Before it fell into disuse all the construction workers nearby tossed their debris, concrete chunks, bricks, etc. into the yard, so it looks like a quarry or something. But since they stopped cleaning and filling the pool, maids from nearby apartment have been throwing bags of household garbage over the wall into the yard, the workers from the nearby auto garage have been throwing their garbage, used tired, old parts, food wrappers, etc. into the yard by the entrance.

And to top it all off, if it wasn't ugly enough, the workers from new construction on the street have been using the yard as their toilet. I'm sure it's not their fault their employer doesn't give them proper facilities to use, but still, it's what we see all day when we look out from our balcony, people using the yard for a toilet. When I walk to the rickshaws in the mornings, I have to hold my breath from when I get near our apartment building's gate till I get past that yard on my way down the street. It stinks of sewage, it's sickening.

And, to add to it, between the feral dogs and the few herders who bring their cattle, goats and sheep up and down the street to graze wherever there's grass, the street is often covered in animal waste. Ick!
I often see elegant ladies walking on the street with dainty sandals and wonder how they can do that? Aren't they disgusted?

Never have I lived in a place where the neighbors were so inconsiderate of each other. Not just the lack of thinking about things, like honking the horn to wake the watchmen at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am or whenever. But more willful inconsideration...

We live on the 1st floor, right above the parking, and regularly our 4th floor neighbors come down to their vehicles but forget the key and yell up to whoever's in their apartment to bring the key down. We asked them if they could avoid doing that, especially in the middle of the night, but they said they can't stop, they must do that. We asked, them, too, if they could possibly not honk their horn in the middle of the night when coming or going but they simply said "that's the only way we can wake the watchman".

Of course, those are some of the nicer of the bad neighbors... And more is another story for another rant...

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