Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Complaint Letter to Church & Dwight Co.

I'm sending the following letter to Church & Dwight Consumer Relations department about a product we recently purchased from them.  It's a disposable product, and the same brand and style we've used for nearly a decade.

The newest package we purchased feels and performs quite differently, in a bad way, from previous packages.

I'll post an update if I hear back from them.

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Church & Dwight Consumer Relations
469 North Harrison Street
Princeton, NJ 08543

September 26, 2012

Dear Consumer Relations,

My wife and I recently bought this box of Trojan Ultra Thin condoms and we're not happy with them at all.  We've been using the Trojan Ultra Thin condoms for a number of years so far, with a previous, smaller box, purchased in July 2012.

The condoms in this new box, purchased From Target early in September are different and harder to use.  They have an expiration date of May 2017.

The wrapper on each one seems to be different.  Instead of the paper and foil combination, now they feel more like plastic and I have to struggle more to open them.  Each time when I try, a small corner tears off, but not enough to get the condom out, forcing me to struggle a little more, at, let's be honest here, an inconvenient time…

Once the wrapper is off, the condoms in the new box simply don't unroll smoothy only my erection.  It takes far more effort to get them unrolled and most of the time I simply can't get one unrolled to completely cover my erection.  The rolled edges of them are far, far thinner than with ones from previous boxes we used, like they're rolled much more densely or something.

We've not successfully had intercourse using any condoms from the new box due to the difficulty in using them.

I am enclosing the bottom flap of the box as instructed.


Kevin Rubin

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