Sunday, September 16, 2012

Evening with Leena near the Brooklyn Bridge

After lunch yesterday and some errands, as the sun was getting lower, I took Leena over to Brooklyn to see the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jane's Carousel and then we walked back to Manhattan after dark on the Brooklyn Bridge for a fun evening, out later than usual.

We saw some group of possibly actors in costume on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade for a photo shoot...

Leena took some photos of a young Indian fellow with his camera on the promenade.

We saw more than one wedding party for photos in the Brooklyn Bridge Park (although I have my doubts about one, I thought I overheard someone say "sweet 16 party" but there was a guy dressed different from all the others, like a groom in a wedding party, then again, they looked awfully young, I don't know...)

We made it to Jane's Carousel as it was getting darker and I managed to get some shots with a slow shutter during it's last run for the evening before they closed for the night.

Then we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to get back to Manhattan and catch a train up to Times Square, near our apartment.

Fun, fun day!

I like this one, putting her white sweatshirt on, Leena looked a bit like the guys in that party,
especially the one doing similar contortions...

Leena was photographing that couple making out, performing for their own photographer...

From Brooklyn Bridge Park I noticed that lone water tank on the roof, but the 35mm lens
wasn't idea for this shot, so some major cropping...

Love locks on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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