Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sex Life Improvements in New York City

One of the reasons I was getting homesick in India was because our sex life was, well, very dull...  Both of us were sick much of the time, going from one throat infection to a stomach ailment to a sinus infection, to the flu and so forth, and there was very little overlap when both of us were between illnesses.

In between those, there was a lot more pressure to overeat at most meals, and neither of us was exercising at all.  I was afraid to step out the door because of the traffic, heat, pollution, noise and general chaos of Indian streets made me horribly uncomfortable and relieved to spend most of my free time inside reading books or playing on the computer.

Unfortunately, all that really ruined our sex life, neither of us was "in the mood" at the same times, and when we were, I was so out of shape that my "performance" left a lot to be desired, not really satisfying either one of us.

But now that I've been in New York City nearly two years, eating somewhat better (I mean, no dietician is going to cheer over my diet, but it's not as bad as in India where Leena and her mother really pressured me to overeat continuously with oily, rich, fried Indian foods (I mean, don't get me wrong, most of it was delicious!)) and walking heavily on the weekends, I'm in better shape.  When Leena arrived a month and a half ago she commented on how I've lost a lot of weight.  She's also bee joining me in walking hard on the weekends and is overeating less here.

With both of us in less bad shape than we were in India, and healthier, our sex life is getting a lot better!

Some of what helps is we get to be more romantic on a day-to-day basis, holding hands while walking, and unlike India, where any time we move near a window there's someone down below looking up, drivers, watchmen, laborers walking by, here we can walk around the apartment in various states of undress without worrying about an audience staring at us.

Another big help is the smaller apartment, making us bump into each other quite a bit more...  In India we lived in a 3 bedroom flat, each with our own bedroom (she said my panic about being late every morning kept her from sleeping), and it was up to me to make visits in the mornings when I was in the mood (which sometimes didn't last in a chilly walk across the flat).  Now we have a single, tiny bedroom so we're sleeping next to each other, finally.

And having inspiring neighbors doesn't hurt, either...

So, yeah, life is better in New York City!

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